Pickin' Pocket Vest - "A Pocket For Every Need"
You're probably here because we've met you at a Dulcimer, Bluegrass, or Folk Music Festival. Or, maybe we met trail riding, dog walking, traveling, or shopping. We wear our vests everywhere we go and we are frequently stopped by people wanting to know where we got our unique, theme-based vests.
No more digging through purses and bags...we've got you covered. Our hidden-pockets vest is designed to fit the items and gear you want to have with you "at the ready."
Carry your tuner, picks, capo, dulcimer hammers, cell phone, credit cards, notepad, or whatever it is you want, in our fashionable, relaxed-fit vest. Have everything readily available…discreet, secure and organized. Yes, organized!
We get our best ideas from our customers--especially our repeat customers. The list on the right are a few of the custom vests we have created to reflect each individual's unique interests, hobbies, and needs.
Call or e-mail us soon and let us brainstorm with you on your needs and style. We promise to design the most convenient, purposeful and fun vest you've ever owned!
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Adding to our  PICKIN' POCKET VEST for toe-tappin' musicians, we now offer the:
SADDLE UP VEST for people who like to horse around
JOURNEY VEST for those with itchy feet
TUMBLEWEED VEST for the cowgirl and cowboy we are...or always wanted to be
PET VEST for animal lovers (yes, there's a pocket for treats--it's lined with plastic!)
SHOP-A-LOT VEST for just about all of us...
and whatever else you, our customers, ask for.